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Officine Lutèce

Le Tigre Scented Candle - Ginger & Cinnamon

Le Tigre Scented Candle - Ginger & Cinnamon

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Ginger & Cinnamon is a warm and spicy fragrance that combines the fiery and pungent scent of ginger with the sweet and aromatic aroma of cinnamon. Ginger essence is pungent and slightly floral, providing an uplifting and energizing effect that can invigorate your senses and uplift your mood. Cinnamon notes add a rich, spicy kick, Together they form a bold, spicy scent that can create a feeling of comfort and energize your mind and body.

Top notes: Spices, Elemi
Heart Notes: Ginger, Cinnamon
Base Notes: Geranium, Clove

Tea lover? We thought of you. A collection of candles inspired by teas from around the world and cast in elegant double-lidded tins. The inner lid serves to smother the flame.

Handmade in our Atelier in Paris, the La Panthère scented candle diffuses an enveloping scent of cinnamon and orange in your home, for a cocooning break.

Hand-poured soy wax scented candle in France. The burning time is approximately 70 hours. Once your candle is consumed, you can reuse the box by filling it with your favorite tea.

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