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Officine Lutèce

Capri Candle - Violet & Neroli

Capri Candle - Violet & Neroli

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The combination of violet and neroli creates a beautiful, sophisticated scent that is both floral and lemony. The scent is fresh, vibrant and delicate, with a powdery, sweet note of violet that is complemented by the crisp, refreshing aroma of neroli.
At the top of the fragrance, you can detect a zesty and refreshing citrus note, such as petigrain, which offers a bright opening to the blend.
The neroli note is bright and invigorating, with a lemony, slightly bitter quality that provides a refreshing contrast to the sweet, powdery violet scent. It adds a fresh, clean element to the mix that makes it perfect for spring or summer.

Top notes: Petitgrain, Hawthorn
Heart Notes: Neroli, Violet
Base Notes: Orange Blossom, Heliotrope

Hand-poured soy wax scented candle in France. Burning time is approximately 50 hours. The glass container is recyclable and reusable.

Sold with a linen pouch.
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