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Scented Candle Nº4 White Linen

Scented Candle Nº4 White Linen

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White Linen is associated with a fresh, clean smell, reminiscent of freshly washed laundry. This fragrance features a combination of light floral and citrus notes, with a subtle hint of clean musk and powdery undertones.

The top notes of Lin Blanc include fresh and tangy citrus notes such as bergamot, lemon or mandarin, as well as green and crisp accords such as green leaves, grass or cucumber. The heart notes present a bouquet of white flowers adding a delicate and feminine touch to the fragrance. The base notes include warm and comforting scents such as sandalwood, vanilla and amber creating a subtle yet long-lasting scent.

Overall, the Lin Blanc fragrance is bright, airy and refreshing, which is often described as crisp, elegant and timeless, with a classic and sophisticated appeal.

Top notes: citrus accord, green accord
Heart notes: White flowers, musk
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla

Handmade in our Atelier in Paris, the Lin Blanc scented candle diffuses a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

It evokes the feeling of clean sheets and the freshness of white flowers.

Hand-poured soy wax scented candle in France. Burning time is approximately 45/50 hours . The glass container is recyclable and reusable.

The candle comes with a cylindrical cardboard case. Glass dome and matches are not included.

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